Comfrey: An Herb That “Heals Together”

Comfrey plant

For a long time, comfrey has intrigued me. My meager attempts at growing this weed in my own yard has evaded me thus far, but the subject of its uses keeps coming up. I first learned about it in the book Be Your Own “Doctor” by Rachel Weaver, a master herbalist and student of Dr. Christopher. An acquaintance at the time was quite willing to dig up one of her large comfrey plants and give it to me, cautioning that it may take over my perennial raised bed if I wasn’t careful. Somehow I succeeded in killing it, ha! Then a shopper at a farmers’ market stopped by my booth to see whether I would be willing to use some of their fresh comfrey plant to make them some salve. They offered to trade me a whole plant to grow in my own yard. I was excited at the opportunity, but again I wasn’t successful at keeping it alive.

My homemade Comfrey Plantain Salve

Despite my failed attempts at cultivating my own comfrey, I have been able to aquire a little of the plant from time to time and enjoy making my own salve. The word comfrey means “grow together”, and another name for this herb is knitbone which is a reference to its healing abilities. It has been used for over 2,000 years and was brought over to America as a wild plant by European immigrants. Historically, comfrey has been used for burns, sprains, swelling, and bruises. Order your own jar of my homemade Comfrey Plantain Salve here.

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