New Bern Farmers’ Market Remains Open

In the midst of all the store closings due to COVID-19, many farmers’ markets across North Carolina remain open so shoppers can find essentials. For five years, we have sold our soaps year-round on Saturdays at the New Bern Farmers’ Market. We are so thankful that this opportunity remains open to us during this time when many crafters and small businesses are left without a place to sell their handmade goods.

A peek inside the New Bern Farmers’ Market during COVID-19

We encourage you to drop by your local farmers’ market if they are open, and if you are in the area, make sure you check out the New Bern Farmers’ Market on Front Street in downtown New Bern. They have plenty of fresh local produce, locally roasted coffee, pork skins, boiled peanuts, baked goods, honey, sauces, cut flowers, seedlings for the garden, candles, and of course the best natural handmade soaps around!

Johnson Pure Soap’s booth outside the building

At the Johnson Pure Soap booth alone you can find our soaps, whipped shea butter, beard oil, lip balms, leave-in conditioner, deodorant, essential oils, cedarwood soap decks, and shampoo bars. Happy Saturday and stay well!

Some of our handmade products

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