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  1. Judi says:

    Loved your little boy at the farmers market today. What a charming, bright boy. Quite a salesman and he got my attention to check out your website.
    I am very intolerant of chemicals and fragrances, but am going to give your soap a try for gift giving as I do like your ingredients. I try to stay as far away from scented products at the market as much as possible so was hesitant to try them out at your stand. I might even try the unscented for myself. I’ve tried unscented from others but they apparently had the unscented stored with the scented and the fragrances mingled. I can’t be around too many at one time.
    Thanks for sharing your son with the market. He’ll go far in marketing! Good luck.

    • soapseller says:

      Well, I think you hit on what makes our products so special. We don’t use any of the harsh chemicals or fragrances that the store bought soaps and body products have in them! So many people are having bad reactions to their body products these days, due to all the unnatural ingredients in them. You can count on ALL our products to be natural and healthy.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I love Johnson pure soap! The lavender mint is so amazing. Thank you for such great products.

  3. William J Brazier says:

    Purchased Lemongrass Whipped Shea Butter at the Farmer’s Market in New Bern, NC back in March. Do you still have it available?

  4. Danyel says:

    We LOVE your products. My husband thought I was crazy when I started switching to all natural, chemical free products but he has eczema issues and after using your soaps he is a believer!I tell everyone about you guys! You guys are amazing

    • soapseller says:

      Thank you SO much for these encouraging kind words, and for using our products! It makes our day when we hear stories like this! See you out at the market!

  5. Fredricka says:

    Do u still have the essential oils?

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