Shea Butter: 10 Amazing Facts

Shea Butter: 10 Amazing Facts

shea-nuts-and-butter-close-upIt’s time to whip up some interesting facts about shea butter, which is gaining popularity in the natural skin care world. Our favorite shea butter is virgin,  unrefined, and certified organic from Burkina Faso, Africa. Although on occasion we have had to use the refined shea butter, raw organic is definitely our preference. We have taken a few moments to compile some interesting facts about shea butter . Enjoy!

  1. Burkinab√© villagers call shea nuts, which are the country’s third most important export, “women’s gold”.ba61d6c589828b50ce1a6a9f9c5e1a72-650x0
  2. Traditionally, village women collect the nuts from the shea trees and then crush and grind them into shea butter. This is a social activity done in groups.
  3. People around the world use shea butter to make soaps and moisturizers.
  4. When it is left unrefined, the shea retains its natural nutty aroma and the vitamins C, A and E it contains.
  5. The first known uses of shea butter date back to Cleopatra’s Ancient Egypt circa 51 B.C.
  6. Some of the constituents of shea butter are anti-inflammatory, emollient, and humectant.Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik
  7. According to Katie at, “Shea Butter, besides making the skin incredibly soft, has anti-fungal and yeast-killing properties when raw. It is high in Vitamins A and E and helps promote collagen production in the skin. It is naturally anti-inflammatory and has an SPF of 6. It also helps prevent and get rid of stretch marks.”
  8. Shea butter is sometimes used in the manufacture of chocolate, although it alters the flavor a bit.Vitellaria_paradoxa_MS_6563
  9. Other parts of the shea tree are used as well. Traditionally, the tree bark is used in medicine, and the nut shell is used for mosquitoes.
  10. Shea trees were used to make funeral beds of early kings.

Now we respect our most-beloved moisturizer even more! Don’t you? Check out our own shea butter here. We whip it up with some coconut oil and essential oil making it light, easily spreadable, and fragrant.IMG_20150409_170300723

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