Why a Sea Salt Scrub?

IMG_20160416_171010628We have a new product in stock. I love how scrubs leave my skin feeling so fresh and clean yet very soft, smooth and moisturized. I am extra excited about this scrub because it contains sea salt. The less important and perhaps most obvious reason why this makes me happy is because we live near the ocean and I love going there to see the rolling waves, feel the wet sand beneath my feet and hear the ebbing water. To use and sell a sea salt product just makes sense because we live here on the Crystal Coast so close to the sea. The more important reason why I love sea salt in a scrub is that it is an antiseptic which may kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. Also, the grains of salt exfoliate or remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. Simple salt has been used from ancient times as a skin cleanser. Then, of course, in my scrub I add raw organic coconut oil which really locks moisture into the skin and has a nice coconut scent.

IMG_20160416_171508919_HDRAs an interesting aside, I had only briefly considered doing a salt scrub in the past and was pretty happy with the sugar scrubs until a friend of ours asked us to consider doing a sea salt scrub or bar. He is a geologist and professor who happens to be passionate about natural health as well. We met him at the Onslow County Farmers’ Market where he bought some products from us while he was visiting the area last year. As a gift he sent us this beautiful sea shell that I used as a prop for the photos. Inside he wrote the species of snail and a personal note. So, thanks to Jack for the encouragement and inspiration! We hope to see you at the market again soon!


Purchase our Organic Coconut Oil Sea Salt Scrub with Vitamin E at one of our local farmers’ markets or in our online store.

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